Removing cedar, unwanted vegetation and invasive species by brush clearing and shredding in Era, Tx.

From difficult hillside mowing and heavy brush cutting to undergrowth reduction and selective vegetation / tree removal, JNB provides services to improve, maintain and beautify your property.

Complete Homestead Improvement Services
Land Clearing  .  Right of Way (ROW) Clearing

Property & Fence Line Clearing  .  Land Enhancement 

Wildfire Defensible Space  .  Food Plot Clearing
Property Clean-up  .  City and County Code Compliance 

Brush Pile Burn Management

Brush Clearing & Cutting

Brush Cutting and vegatation clearing using a skid steer mounted mower in Bridgeport, Texas.

JNB utilizes a rotary mower / shredder to cut and clear brush and process small trees up to 3" in diameter. Our compact track loader can access slopes and unstable ground areas while leaving the soil virtually undisturbed. Soft ground, thorns and debris are no problem for our machine.

Heavy Brush Cutting . Rough Terrain Mowing

Hiking, Biking and Nature Trail Clearing

Lot Clearing

Mobile Home Site Clearing

How much does brush cutting / lot clearing cost?


Tree Removal

Tree mesquite and cedar removal using an excavator in Montague, Texas.

Pre-Construction Clearing

Dozer Cleanup

Mesquite Removal 

Selective Species Removal

Tree Grubbing

Tree Cutting


Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching for North Texas.

Forestry mulching is an eco-friendly land clearing method that utilizes a compact track loader and processing attachment to grind and shred trees and other vegetation. The shredded material stabilizes the topsoil and decomposes over time. No brush piles,  no burning, and no damage to the root systems of trees you want to keep. Processes brush and trees up to 8" in diameter. 

Brush hog, bush hog, shredder, tractor mowing services Denton & Wise Counties.

Tractor Mowing / Brush Hog (940) 300-5816

Cutting down tall weeds and woody brush allows sunlight to get to any native grasses below. Repeat the process enough and in time the grass will take over and the weeds will diminish. JNB offers brush hogging (bush hog) shredding services for pastures, fields, lots and overgrown properties up to 20 acres.

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